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Zerah Coffee Roasters

Finca Sebastian

Finca Sebastian

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Origin: Costa Rica, Naranjo

Altitude: 1750m

Processing: Red Honey Process

Varietal: Milenio

Notes: Apple, Apricot, Caramel

Roast: 200g Filter Roast

A cross between two varieties (Sudan Rume and T5296), Milenio is classified as an F1, or first generation hybrid. Mostly found in Costa Rica, Milenio is resistant to coffee leaf rust, high yielding, and capable of excellent cup profiles with the proper care. 

We adore this coffee's fruit forward profile, showcasing a bright acidity of fresh red apples and apricots. A silky texture and sweetness of honey adds complexity to the cup, and a lingering pleasant finish of caramel rounds of a balanced and structured coffee.

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