Zerah Coffee Roasters was founded with the goal to elevate the value of coffee in our community. Our craft is steeped in scientific principles, and we endeavour to spread this knowledge with anyone journeying through the exciting landscape of speciality coffee. 

As the industry evolves to cope with the impacts of climate change, we prioritise innovating, learning and adapting - ensuring that our practices are sustainable without compromising on their quality.



Our Sourcing
  • We work with partners who value sustainability, transparency and quality.
  • We seek out vibrant coffees that are representative of their terroir, variety, and processing.
Our Roasting
  • We roast to maximise sweetness and vibrancy.
  • We roast with the brew in mind, giving balanced brews across methods by modulating solubility through carefully executed roasting.
  • We marry our understanding of thermodynamics, chemistry, data analysis, and sensorial evaluations to craft specific roast profiles for every individual coffee.
Our Brewing
  • We craft recipes that bring out a coffee's unique sweetness and vibrancy.
  • We keep abreast of literature, constantly experiment, and are not afraid to push boundaries.
  • We champion sustainability, actively minimising our footprint in energy usage and waste generation.