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El Diviso - Bourbon Aji

El Diviso - Bourbon Aji

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Origin: Colombia, Huila

Altitude: 1850m

Processing: Yeast Inoculated Anaerobic Washed

Variety: Bourbon Aji

Notes: Mango, Lime, Lemongrass

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Bourbon Aji, or Chili Bourbon, is a relatively new and exotic variety known for producing spicy and zesty cup profiles. In the hands of Nestor Lasso, this lot grown at El Diviso exhibits a juicy and round sweetness of mango, with crisp notes of lime and aromatic lemongrass. 

The Bourbon Aji cherries are put through fermentation with a specific yeast culture in an anaerobic environment. Subsequently they are washed with hot, and then cold water before drying, giving them that signature sweetness of coffees from El Diviso.


Harvested between Oct23-Dec23 and sourced direct from farm.

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